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Please see below for our most frequent asked questions.

1: How long does it take to sharpen blades?

1:1 Blade sharpening takes 2-3 working days from date of customer deliverying blade to our factory.

1:2 Blade sharpening takes 3-4 working days from date of Superior Blade collecting & delivering.


Drag above, below or to the sides of any modul

Drag above, below or to the sides of any m2: How long does it take for new blades to be manufactured?

2:1 New blades take 15 - 25 Working days / 3 - 6 Weeks


3: How to speed up the quotation process?

3:1 Provide us with a detailed / accurate drawing of the blade along with (Length X Width X Thickness) and if any slots holes are in blade please add as this is very important information needed to quote


4: If I don't have a drawing?

4:1 Here at Superior Blade & Grinding Services we have an on-hand drawing department that will gladly assist you with a drawing however this will take longer on the quotation process.